New year new little birdie design

Today is the first day back to work or many and for me it is the day to design a new product. Our little birdie design did really well in the run up to Christmas and we sold lots of our little Red Robins.

People loved their contemporary styling and the fact that they were made from 100% natural materials. Today I wanted to try something new with the little birdie design.

The little birdie design had been painted red and brown to look like a robin. Although cute, it is not what was originally intended for the design. It was meant to be more abstract.

Back to the workshop

I got out to the workshop this morning and started making the wooden blank for my new little birdie design. After about an hour I had to return to the office to complete my work as I am not long over the flu so I didn’t want to push it this week.

Photo of Wooden blank cut for the new little birdie design unsanded
Wooden blank cut for the new little birdie design

Instead of suffering outside I decided to strip back one of the robins. First I needed to remove the water- based varnish to make it easy to strip. Then I got the orbital sander out and using 240 grit took some paint off. The red paint proved quite difficult to remove so at least I know the Red Robins will have a long shelf life!

I then rubbed the wood with Methylated Spirit to ensure no paint remained. Methylated spirit dries almost instant but allows me to see paint marks that would be disguised otherwise.

Photo of the Methylated Spirits I use for 3D printing and prototyping
I use Methylated Spirits to test surface is clean of paint before finishing the blank

I then sanded the robin further using 320 grit. When sanding you should always work from coarse to fine grit; the larger the number the finer the grit. My little birdie blank is now ready for its new design.

Photo of wooden bird ornaments progress from wooden blank to finished and painted.
The little birdie wooden blank fully prepped for printing the new design

Pattern Print for the new little birdie design

Instead of painting solid colours on the little birdies I want to try printing a pattern on the wood. I have never done this before so it is 100% trial and error. Tomorrow I will design my pattern and will attempt to print it on my sanded sample afterwards.

I do not know how it is going to turn out but that is the nature of invention. Times like this are very exciting and fun as I love using my creative skills to experiment. All going well I will have a new little birdie design in a few days!

I am thinking I might design Celtic patterns for each of the Irish small birds. The robin, blue tit, swallow, wren. The Blue Tit will be my first design as they are my favourite bird. Blue Tits are a symbol of honour and bright futures so I cannot wait to merge this in to the new little birdie design.

sketch or drawing of celtic spirals pattern
A quick doodle of an idea for the new pattern print

What do you think?

Do you like the idea of a line of little birdies each with symbolic Celtic meaning? I have always felt a connection with birds, I suppose they remind me of the outdoors. I cannot wait to see if this new process works. Keep an eye on the blog for updates and look at my Instagram Stories for behind the scenes updates.

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