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Try our instant stripe fee calculator now. Stripe is a popular online payment service. This calculator is a quick, simple way to figure out how much Stripe’s processing fee will be when you are receiving money through their service.

Stripe Fee Calculator FAQs

Is a Stripe account really free?

Yes. You can open a Stripe account for free here. You will only be charged if you recieve money into your stripe account. The fees are based per transaction.

If you want to use a Stripe Terminal in your business to take in-house card payments there is a one time fee outlined here. This fee is for the card reader. There are two card reader options. You do not pay for a Stripe account – you pay per transaction.

How should I use the Stripe Fee Calculator?

Simply put your price into the calculator.The results will show how much Stripe will charge you in fees for that amount. It will also show you exactly how much money you will recieve from Stripe. The third value is an estimate of how much you should be charging for your product or service if you want to absorb the Stripe fees.  

Can I charge stripe fees to my customers?

If you are an Irish business you cannot pass the fees onto B2C purchases. This law also applies to some B2B transactions. In the EU charging processing fees to your customers is prohibited by law. Therefore we recommend you absorb these fees into your pricing model.

If you are located outside the EU then see this post on passing on fees to your customer.  Please look here for more information on restriction on passing on stripe fees to customers. It is your responsibility to act in accordance with applicable law.

How do you calculate the Stripe Fees?

For European cards we take your original invoice and calculate 1.4% + €0.25. We then add Irish VAT rate of 23% to this fee as Stripe will do this when you are an Irish Business using their service. If you are vat registered in Ireland you can claim this vat back.

For international cards we take your original invoice and calculate 2.9% + €0.25 + vat.

For the Stripe Terminal card reader we take your original invoice and calculate 1.4% + €0.10 + vat for European cards and 2.9% + €0.25 + vat for international cards.

How do you calculate "you could increase price to"?

We use Stripes recommended formula to automatically calculate the best price increase to apply to your products / services. This formula is outlined here.

Do you have any other calculators I can use?

Yes! Online calculators are a simple, easy-to-use tool that can help your business get the information you need quickly. Check out our Website Cost Calculator. This tool will help you get an instant quote for your dream website. 

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