3D Print Design for Business

We create 3d printed products to assist living and enhance special occasions. We work with businesses, all over Ireland, to help them embrace this new technology. 3D printing can help you offer customisable products and improve your workflow.


What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a new way to make products. It is an additive manufacturing processes. 3D printing adds material instead of taking it away.

This results in less waste because 3D printed products:

  1. Do not require large blocks of material
  2. Do not use disposable molds.

3D printed designs are a cost effective way to make one-off creations. That is why we believe we can help your business as personalisation is currently trending. Everybody wants to customise their gifts. You cal allow people customise new creations and pay you more. 3D printing is cost effective so your profits will improve. 

How does 3D printing help business?

Everybody wants to customise products. Traditionally this was a costly service to provide but not now. 3D printing can help becasue it is designed to print one-offs. . 

Other manufacture processes eg molding have minimum order quantities. 3D printing allows you make one-off designs with less cost.

For example, you can design a wedding cake topper and get it 3d printed. You can then allow people customise the design and print on demand. This cost between €10-€150, depending on the complexity of the alteration. To make this change using molded products it would cost thousands.

People are willing to pay for personalisation. This is clear across all marketing trend reports for 2019 and 2020. So if you offer customisable products people will pay more. Thus increasing your profit margins. 

Would you like to know more about 3D printing?