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Logo Size for Social Media

Logo Size for Social Media

Today I will be sharing my insights on picking a logo size for social media. This is a very important part of the logo design process because a bad profile photo can affect people's perceptions of your brand. This is part of a series I am writing to help your business...

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Baking with Kids

Baking with Kids

Fun, educational and tasty Baking with kids is actually one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. One of my fondest memories as a child is baking cupcakes and cookies with my older sister. She let us add the ingredients, smush the butter with our fingers and...

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DesignBurst1 week ago
Been a fab week working on 3 new websites for local clients. Can't wait to launch this one

Been a fab week working on 3 new websites for local clients. Cant wait to launch this one 😁

This is a landing page and comes in at just €45/mo and will link to this client's Facebook account directly to showcase his business.

If you would like a landing page for your business pop me a message any time and I will hook you up.

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DesignBurst is with Eimer Duffy and 2 others at DesignBurst.2 weeks ago
This is a video of the web design we completed for This website is mobile responsive, seo optimised and downright pretty... if we dare say so ourselves. What do you think?

Today we celebrate mental wellbeing by showcasing our client's website Linda who owns Therapy & Training is a Psychotherapist.

Is all the Covid talk making you anxious?
There is a lot of good in social media but it is also a constant reminder of gloomy updates on Covid19. if you think you would like to talk to somebody about your worries or fears talk to Linda.

Where you can meet Linda
Linda offers Psychotherapy and Counselling services all over Ireland via virtual meetings. She will also meet you in her offices in Meath when the lockdown ends.

Why did Linda need a website
Psychotherapy and Counselling are important services but often are misunderstood. Linda wanted her website to be a place where people could see the benefits of counselling. She also wanted to make it easy for people to contact her in their time of need 24/7.

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