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@charliebird49 Hi Charlie happy to help you with this. is my business. My mams MND journey was extremely similar to yours. I have been pulling together a website to support people who get diagnosed with MND. Please follow so that I can DM - Marianna

Here is a little demo of what it is like to write for screens. Its easy when you know how. When ideas come in to my head I quickly jot them down. However these ideas are often unreadable. They are complicated ways of getting my message across.

Often they are one very long sentence. In ...this video I rewrite the information as I type based on my experience in writing for web. The main things to notice are how the text is simplified.

Difficult words are replaced with simpler alternatives. Sentences are shortened and turned into bullet points. This is just an overview of the tips I will be sharing with you. Remember to follow us to ensure you get all of our readability tips as I post them. If you have any questions please ask in a DM or comment and I will help you.
- Marianna

You wont sing you way out of this one MaryπŸ˜‚ Sometimes things sound class when we are writing a first draft but PLEASE proof your work! Typos can be forgiven but publishing unreadable text is really bad for business.

Readability is something that takes time to master. When you first ...start it will take a bit of time to understand what works for your business. I am so excited to show you all of the tools that I use. I made ALL OF THE MISTAKES so you don't have to πŸ˜‰ make sure to give us a follow and share my posts if you think they will interest others in your business network 😁

I would love to know is readability important to you? How does it affect your business? Do you ever find it hard to engage with content online on your phone? I really want to know how you make readable content?? Let me know in the comments below.

To improve your readability use more full stops / periods. These little dots allow us absorb more information. They are really magic and when combined with short sentences they are a winner!

Long sentences work for engineering reports, legal documents and some novels. Otherwise they are a ...big NO NO. Think about your customer. They are on their phone for a bit of relief from daily stresses. They need information they can skim. If they like the post they will save it to read later or will share it with a friend. Adding full stops helps them speed read your words.

Making your work accessible to everybody is the first step in becoming an online success. If you think you are ready to share your work with the world let me know and I will walk you through making your content accessible.

Short sentences make your content really readable. I advise keeping them to 15 words when possible. The best tip I have is to read it out loud - one breath = one sentence.

I started writing like this when I started public speaking. I did it because I found it almost impossible to read ...long sentences without fumbling over my words! Then I had a EUREKA MOMENT! People will be able to read my posts easier if I write them in a way that I would speak. Because that is technically what I had to do when delivering speeches.

That was back in 2012. Since then all the big Social and Search platforms agree with my mantra. It makes their search tools more effective! it also improves engagement - BONUS!

Long sentences are bad on desktop and horrendous on mobile. Avoid them like the plague!

For more readability tips make sure you follow this page as I have lots more to share with you.

If a post confuses you do you interact with it? Do you like to see jargon and buzz words? I don't. I like to see clear easy to read text. I guess that's because I find it very difficult to read from screens.

I was always a BIG reader and averaged two books a week when I was ...younger. Nowadays, with everything on screens I like to skim content and then deep dive if I think it is worth the eye strain πŸ˜…

As a small business owner it is important that people understand my content. I always prioritise readability for this reason. Readable posts always perform better for my clients too. They use my tips to improve their content and then people stay reading their blogs!

Over the next while on Facebook I will guide you through readability and you can follow along with my tips. I will cover testing your wording, rewriting it and how to ensure it will rank highly for readability.

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