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Do you think readability is important for doing business online? I would love to know your thoughts.

Readability is how easy it is to read your wording. Search engines love readable content. When we use very complicated word we confuse our audience.

When your audience is stressed... and confused they do not interact. You might have spent days writing a beautiful page of content for your website and nobody interacts. Or even worse; they bounce off your website and never return!

One tip that works is to use lots of full stops / periods. This breaks up sentences. Which looks much better on mobile.

Reading from a screen is harder than paper so we need to accommodate this with our websites and social. What do you think? Is this something you have already considered? Comment below - I would love to know your thoughts on readability 🙂

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As we approach winter more people will be opting for online shopping. Christmas Sambo and Gingerbread Latte - yes please, let me click and collect. Bespoke gifts you say - let me order it from another county. Only some of your items are on display at the Christmas Fair - let me browse the entire ...collection online and share your business with friends!

Find out how to get online this Winter and how much it will cost with our NEW INSTANT QUOTE TOOL 🙂

Are you ready to sell online this winter? Check out todays article to see how much it will cost you- LINK IN BIO. It's a great time of year to get a website to show off your Christmas crafts, decorations,gifts and other seasonal goods. Your customers expect you to be online while thinking of ideas. We are excited to create a place for your audience to order from you.

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Do More with a website for your organisation. Your Facebook page will perform better for your business if you have a good website. This will save your spend on marketing and advertising.
Here are some things we do to social proof your website:
- Mobile friendly design
- Landing pages increase conversions
- Social icons
- Social media feeds
- Social Share
- Social schema added to Google
- Social markup for your website to show in Google FAST
- SEO analysis report to help you understand topics that will improve your online interactions on Google and Social Media.

Drop us a message any time via our Facebook Page or Via our website. We are excited to chat with your organisation about your needs.

Do more with a website for your organisation. Capture the attention of your fans and drive traffic to a place where they take action. Perfect for organisations looking for new members, volunteers, donations and to book out events.

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Inclusive and Responsive Website Design. Design for all is very important to me and it is a feature that is important to visitors of @theloft67 new website. #Responsive #inclusion #Website #designburst

Inclusive design is important to us and important to @theloftcabra_ . Audiences can browse this new website from a phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. The user experience is adapted to suit each device.

I am passionate about #designforall. When I am designing a website I always think about ...people who have additional needs. Our websites respond to any device size and we add extra spacing to text to make it more readable. We use colours that are complementary to people with visual impairments and add additional code where necessary to allow our websites to work with screen readers.

#inclusive #website #webdesign #websitedesign #designburst #responsive #responsivedesign #universaldesign #mobilewebsite #theloft

The LOFT's new website is 100% responsive and accessible. It works on every device. This is really important to their organisation. Their audience varies from
- teens who seek guidance from their phone
- to young adults working from their tablet
- other organisations browsing on ...their desktop.
We also made this website accessible to people with visual impairments or additional needs and have made the content easy to read.
Accessibility is very important to us as Marianna has a passion for DESIGN FOR ALL. We hope that you enjoy interacting with The LOFT through their new website and support them in their fantastic work.

If you are a business or not-for-profit organisation please let us know if you would like a new website that is inclusive and welcoming. PM us any time.

Read / Listen to how we helped the LOFT with their new website. They are our Website of the Week and we really love what they do. If you are not connected to @theloft67 please do now as they are an AMAZING Organisation! #supportlocal #Website #designburst

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