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Design Sprint July ’16 – Day 1

Research and Insight The main motivation for this Sprint came from a Chiropractor who spends a lot of time helping people relieve pains in their necks and shoulders. In recent times he has noticed a huge leap in the number of young people attending...

Design Sprint July 2016

Things are getting very exciting for design For a very long time I have wanted to launch a rapid product development service. Typically speaking it can take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years to develop a new product using traditional design processes. A...

We help your team design new products faster.

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Design Sprint

A 5-day design session in which your team and ours collaborate to find a user-friendly and stylish solution to your design problem.

How you can use Design Sprint

Explore new ideas

Sprints are a good way to test your ideas before you design and develop them. Think of it as a starting block for your idea that ultimately decides whether or not the idea is worthwhile pursuing. It therefore limits the risks usually associated with innovation. It’s also a great time and cash saver because if you explore the idea fully early on you meet less roadblocks later on.

Get a new perspective

The exercises we use in Design Sprints can help you approach your problem from a different perspective. If your team has reached a plateau, we’ll give you a fresh point of view which will unlock your imagination.

Improve an existing feature

By allowing you to think freely and creatively, Design Sprint may lead you to launch a feature that’s much more innovative than you had planned. With this creativity, you’ll be able to greatly improve your product.

Meet a specific goal

You can come to Sprint with a specific request to move your project to the next phase e.g. I need patent sketches for my invention or I want to see a 3d model of my idea. Together, we’ll identify how to reach that goal through our high level design skills.

Design Sprint How it works

We are very interested in helping you design your new product idea and bring your new project to life.

Have a look at what people have enquired about before and if you like get in touch for even more insight.

Day 1: Project Insight

We gain full insight in to what your idea is and identify your problem and how to measure improvement. We also take time to listen to you and understand your business, its context and your audience.

  • Project goal and defined outcome
  • User insight
  • Product Insight
  • Niche definition

Day 2: Explore & Invent

We generate ideas. Everyone pitches as many solutions as possible to improve the odds of finding the best one. We then discuss and re-shape the suggestions as needed.

  • Ideation
  • Paper prototyping
  • Storyboarding
  • Critique

Day 3: Product Design

We sketch concepts that encapsulate the best ideas. Following a harsh critique of the design we create CAD models of the 2 best solutions we’ve come up with.

  • Product Sketching
  • 3D CAD Modelling
  • Advanced Rendering
  • Concept Presentation

Day 4: Testing & Reflect

We test the concepts with a focus group to see what works and what doesn’t. We then sum up what we’ve learned and plan the next steps needed to improve your product.

  • Test
  • Roadmap

Day 5: Prototype Solution

We build a prototype of the best solution we’ve come up with. Depending on what we want to learn, we choose the appropriate fidelity of our prototype (paper mockups, foam sculpting, 3d printing)

  • Prototyping
  • Plan testing

Design Sprint Frequently Asked Questions

Is Design Sprint the right option for us?

Sprints are the perfect way for businesses to minimise the risks normally associated with new product development. Because of their short duration and our clear objectives the design process is streamlined and more cost effective for start-ups and organisations hoping to validate an idea before ramping up production. We have worked with a variety of inventors (crafts people, recent graduates, startups, SMEs and large organisations) to help them create products from scratch or to polish an existing product prior to launch.

What makes you qualified?

We’re a multidisciplinary team which has used Design Sprints with clients of different sizes, from different fields and trying to reach different goals. These diverse projects have enriched us with valuable insight and experience.

If we do a Design Sprint do we have to stay working with you?

No, absolutely not. You can do a Design Sprint just once to help your team explore and come up with sound solutions and then create the final product yourself.

If we do a Design Sprint do you own the I.P. ?

No, absolutely not. We have no interest in stealing peoples inventions or taking cuts on projects that are not part of our own product portfolio. We would like you and your business to see us as a safe space for your invention where you can openly discuss your project and avail of our full expertise. On certain occasions we will ask to use some photographs / imagery for usage on our publications and website – on every occasion your permission will be requested prior to showing your design publicly.

Can we do multiple Design Sprints in a row?

Yes, just get in touch with us so we can book you in our schedule. If you want to use Design Sprint a large number of times, it could be better for you to use our subscription model. That way, you hire our services for a month at a time which may be a more cost-effective solution.

Can we conduct a Design Sprint in our office?

Yes, if you prefer to do things that way. Sometimes it can be more beneficial to get away from your space to encourage lateral thinking but other times its just less hassle to stay put. Let us know what way you prefer to work and we can accommodate your needs. Please be aware that travel expenses may apply if we are travelling to you.

What if we don't have a solution by the end of the week?

We have years of experience and specific techniques to help us brainstorm and identify potential solutions. These techniques have been trialled and optimised for the past 2 years. Using these, we’re always able to come up with great ideas.

Still got a question?

Email any time or hop on to Facebook and publicly post the question to our page. We normally respond within a couple of hours.


Design Sprint is a rapid way to meet your project goals. Stop sitting on that idea and get in touch so that we can work with you to make your product awesome.

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We help businesses improve their products

Since 2011 we have worked with inventors and organisations to design new products and helped them understand the benefits of innovation and design.

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Our Services

Lets design great new products together

We are extremely passionate about design and the evolution of new products for new needs. It is this passion that fuels our projects and make them awesome, which in turn leads to your success.

We believe that products should not only be eye-catching but actually provide a great user experience that people will remember.

Pick our brains for new ideas

We love being introduced to awesome new ideas / inventions. By applying design thinking techniques, we help you solve design problems and create a product roadmap leading to your goals. This will help you create a better new product faster than ever before and will give you the structure to proceed with confidence.

Explore your ideas full potential

We love discussing and exploring the potential of new ideas. This could lead to your idea becoming truly future-proof or it could simply validate the direction of the original idea. Our expertise and experience in this field will help your idea explode providing a variety of amazing possibilities and potential product lines.

See your idea in 3D!

We are CAD experts and have yet to encounter a project that we cannot model in 3D. We love this part of the process as it yields amazing visuals that can be used in pitches, campaigns, presentations, and product demos.

Tap in to what the user REALLY wants...

All of our designs aim to empower people. The best way to do this is to get a deep insight in to who they are now and who they will be when your idea succeeds. Our ability to adapt designs to peoples needs is what makes us really awesome and its what makes our products objects that people adore.

Get us to explore your idea through sketching

Is your idea stuck in your head? Are you finding it difficult to explain to people how your idea works, what it looks like and who it is for? We are amazing product design specialists with a real flair for visualising new ideas. We also run workshops to help you learn how to draw down new ideas instead of sitting on them.

Make a prototype of your invention

We can make all levels of prototypes from simple sketch models using paper and card to high end 3D printed products in plastic / metal. Our experience in making prototypes and helping others make prototypes for new inventions will lead to your users gaining a full insight in to your idea prior to launch.


Whether your project is big or small there is no time like the present to explore its REAL potential.

Design Sprint

Tap in to our expertise in bite-size chunks. Our 5-day Design Sprint helps you quickly solve a specific design problem and test ideas. Based on your immediate needs we prioritise the workload to ensure that you get real results. Participating in a Design Sprints allows inventors & businesses to move faster than they would have expected.

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Design Subscription

Looking to avail of our skills on a regular basis? This is a more affordable for inventors who would like to develop many different ideas or are would like to work with us on a large project. It also provides you with exclusive passes to our all of workshops and seminars where you can learn design skills to enhance your business.

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Some fun Facts About DesignBurst

Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more designs, more products and at least some more coffee cake.

As a result we deliver a better product experience.

The DB Way

We love what we do and the way that we do it. All of our awesome ways will be exposed this year.

Experience all of the things that make us tick through our blog and learn our skills through our training library.

With a love for all aspects of design Marianna will develop products and deliver online skills workshops here.

2015 is the year of design in Ireland and we will not see this go to waste 🙂

On the pulse of the weird & wonderful

Each week we commit time to explore a product. This helps us build our creativity and develop new products that are future proof. For insights in to the tech we love visit our blog…

Doodle, draw, scribble & sketch

There is nothing better than the feeling of pen on paper as creativity unleashes! Stalk us to see some of our daily doodles and take our classes to get professional tips on how to grow your obsession.

Imagine, Invent & Inspire

We all get eureka moments but only some are worth exploring. Stalk us today to see how we invent new products and hopefully we will inspire you to imagine new ideas too.

Making things happen

There’s no point in just thinking of new ideas…you have to act on design to make it worthwhile. We love launching new ideas and designs so keep an eye out later this year to see how our products are made.

About DesignBurst

Marianna Kane
Ceo & Founder
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DesignBurst is the brainchild of Marianna Kane.

Marianna is a skilled product designer with over 9 years practising as a professional designer. She excelled in university and her passion for creativity and engineering skills were developed further in an Irish design firm. In 2011 Marianna decided to start her own business and it was at that point that the idea for DesignBurst was born. Marianna’s vibrant personality is stamped all over DesignBurst and the company’s success reflects her ambition to make Product Design a promising career for inventors in Ireland.

Since 2012 DesignBurst has successfully helped over a dozen businesses bring new product ideas to fruition through our amazing designers imagining, designing and prototyping new product lines.

Marianna is a skilled mentor and has helped hundreds of creative people find their feet and grow their professional design skills. She has an established network of skilled professionals across a variety of design disciplines who assist on both internal and external projects. If you are interested in becoming a part of Marianna’s network please get in touch today.

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