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Creativity is what we love, it is who we are, it is life!

It is our mission to share our experience of leading a creative life with everyone who follows us. Design and Art are inherent components of everything we do on a daily basis. Tapping in to our creative sides has allowed us to communicate more effectively, to work at what we love doing and has made us happy people to be around.

Skills of magic…

We love what we do and this makes us really happy to share our skills with others. We can do all of the usual design stuff; graphic design,web design,idea generation,concept development, product sketching, 3D CAD modelling, advanced renders, productions specifications, Rapid prototyping, moldflow analysis, packaging design….the list goes on! Where we differ is our approach to all of this stuff. Yes we can design things but we prefer to design products with purpose. Our new lines aim to encourage creativity with no compromise on quality i.e. we want you to cherish our products and use them to unleash your inner awesome. And if you are totally wowed by our skills and wish you could tap in to them to boost your existing lines then we are very open to that too. Keep an eye on our products as they crop up here on this website and check out our cool jewellery lines that we have helped international clients with over the past few months – a great example of tradition meets tech (which is what makes us really geek out!).

DesignBurst… the brief history lesson

Marianna is a skilled product designer with over 9 years practising as a professional designer. She excelled in university and her passion for creativity and engineering skills were developed further in an Irish design firm. In 2011 Marianna decided to start her own business and it was at that point that the idea for DesignBurst was born. Marianna’s vibrant personality is stamped all over DesignBurst and the company’s success reflects her ambition to make Product Design a promising career for inventors in Ireland.

Since 2012 DesignBurst has successfully helped over a dozen businesses bring new product ideas to fruition through our amazing designers imagining, designing and prototyping new product lines.

Marianna is a skilled mentor and has helped hundreds of creative people find their feet and grow their professional design skills. She has an established network of skilled professionals across a variety of design disciplines who assist on both internal and external projects. If you are interested in becoming a part of Marianna’s network please get in touch today.

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